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Upton, House Republicans Urge Biden Administration to Increase Domestic Energy Production

Washington, March 3, 2022 | Caroline Banaszak (202 - 225 - 3761)
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WASHINGTON, D.C.  – Today, U.S. Rep. Fred Upton, R-St. Joseph, joined 82 of his Republican colleagues in sending a letter to President Biden urging the President to end his anti-American energy agenda.

Rep. Upton serves as the top Republican on the Energy Subcommittee and has long supported revitalizing domestic energy production in the U.S. to keep energy costs low for Americans and offer assistance to our fellow democratic allies abroad.

“Russia has continued to exploit their growing monopoly on energy across Europe as the country continues to ruthlessly invade Ukraine.” said Rep. Upton. “If we unleash American energy production, we can offer these countries an alternative to Russian oil and a way out from under the Kremlin’s thumb. Last year, the U.S. bought nearly $20 billion worth of oil and gas from Russia, even Speaker Pelosi has now joined our call to say ‘nyet’ to Russian oil. This is an urgent request that will save millions of lives if met by President Biden.”

“We have the world’s largest oil and gas reserves; we can produce these energy resources more cleanly and efficiently than anywhere else in the world; and we should produce them, the lawmakers wrote. “We will make clear that more U.S. production means greater energy security for our allies, lower prices for consumers at home, and more strength abroad as we undermine the Russia-China alliance.”

Rep. Upton and his colleagues demand that the Biden Administration:

  • Implement meaningful permitting reform that removes unnecessary delays and bureaucratic obstacles to constructing new, modern energy infrastructure
  • Increase energy production on federal lands
  • Reduce the regulatory uncertainty that prevents construction of new oil and natural gas infrastructure, including pipelines and LNG export terminals
  • Develop a new, robust national rare earth and critical mineral policy that ends our reliance on China and Russia
  • Pause all new discretionary regulatory policy activity and actions that would negatively impact the oil and gas sector until the Russian invasion of Ukraine is over, and global oil and natural gas markets have stabilized
  • End climate activism by federal agencies and order financial regulators to keep their statutory mission

The lawmakers continued, “Your immediate action on these policies will signal to our allies around the world that the United States is serious about making our energy resources a tool for freedom, while signaling to Putin, and dictators like him, that they can no longer use their resources as a weapon to finance this barbaric aggression. At the same time, these policy changes will provide all Americans with the reliable and low-cost energy we need and deserve. We stand ready to join you in restoring American energy independence and await your prompt reply.”

You can read the full letter HERE.


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