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@MyKitchenTable - February 1, 2021

February 1, 2021

@MyKitchenTable: Monday, February 1, 2021

Dear Friend:

A common expression we’ve all heard: “Nothing brings people together like good food!”


Thank you for dinner tonight, Silver Beach Pizza!

Today restaurants – staples of so many of our communities – were allowed to reopen for indoor dining and I know many people who went to their favorite places for a bite to eat or to get takeout. We got takeout this evening from Silver Beach Pizza – delicious! Please keep supporting our wonderful Michigan restaurants by either safely dining in or getting takeout. And we’d love to see a photo of your favorite takeout or restaurant meal! You can send it to us HERE. There are a few important points you should know about the state’s new indoor dining guidelines, which you can see HERE.

A year ago in January the first COVID cases were detected in our country. Now, a year later we finally have a rule that masks must be worn on all public transportation. As one who flies from MI to DC several times every month, I greatly appreciate this action. What’s more, flight attendants do too, as they have said they need reinforcement to help ensure masking on planes, their workplace where they spend many, many hours in close proximity to virtually hundreds of people each week. You can read more about the order HERE and HERE.

I realize masking has become a political football. I regret there was no leadership early on in the pandemic to convey the critical need to wear a mask to save lives, yours and everyone you come into contact with. COVID is by no means under control. We’re still in the thick of it and wearing a mask remains one of THE most important ways to beat this virus. Please wear a mask.

Lastly, you may have seen over the weekend that a group of Republican senators sent a letter to President Biden outlining their goals of a bipartisan COVID relief bill, as the nearly $2 trillion bill the President has been pushing will get no Republican support. What we need is a targeted relief bill that considers where we’ve been spending money and where are there still needs? Later tonight the Republicans on the Problem Solvers Caucus will have a zoom to discuss the next COVID package. I think all of us have weighed in with the White House so far in not supporting the $1.9 T COVID package that includes virtually everything including the kitchen sink. In fact, Schumer and Pelosi were perhaps even trying to remove the “Byrd Rule” provisions which would have opened the barn door even further by allowing non-authorized programs from being funded to include such items as a $15 minimum wage!

Talk about total chaos and for sure no bipartisanship to get something done.All of this push occurs this week and into the weekend as the impeachment trial starts in the senate Monday, which then stalls any legislation in the senate. The state unemployment bonus payments expire in mid-March which is another budgetary cliff/deadline. I believe our focus needs to center on COVID-targeted expenses such as vaccine distribution, testing, etc. There needs to be a lot of constructive movement for a package to receive bipartisan support and I am anxious to hear where liability protections are for small businesses. I’ve heard that the insurance carriers are likely to even deny coverage for payments to defend against the lawsuits - a real killer for small businesses from the start. And of course, we have not heard the answers to questions relating to what the $900B that Trump signed into law has impacted or been spent.

Heading back to D.C. for another busy week.

All the best,

Fred Upton

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