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@MyKitchenTable - September 24, 2020

Dear Friend:

So, they often say legislation is like sausage....you really don’t always want to know how it is made. 

Over the years I have always valued the network of friendships, keeping your word, honesty, civility, hard work -- basic “Boy Scout” values. 

That’s why the bipartisan Problem Solver’s Caucus (PSC) has been such a breath of fresh air as we deal with traditional government dysfunction.

At the end of August, our group of 50 came to the rapid conclusion that we simply could not wait for the election to come before we do the next round of COVID aid.

For me, it was my many discussions with educators, small business folks, workers, and local governments that have experienced major costs and loss of revenue.   Add to that, the failure to address liability issues truly put all our enterprises - whether they be non-profits, hospitals, small businesses, or educators - at real risk.

That’s why we spent much of Labor Day weekend on zoom calls with fellow Problem Solvers trying to find that magic “sweet spot” to help those in need.  We just can’t accept failure by not adopting a solution because folks want to go home and campaign. 
The Senate’s failure to pass anything and now go home defies the real concern of so many impacted by this pandemic.  USA Today headlines earlier this week reported that the failure to pass a bill could likely lead to a recession, which will only make 2020 even more miserable for all.

Yes, I am an optimist and now share a story late tonight that the PSC effort to inspire our leadership on both sides now has “legs.” More info HERE.  And this is not an effort to send a bill to the White House for them to veto as a political issue, but rather to realize that the country has to come ahead of brazen politics.  

I hope I will return to Washington next week and cast a vote for a product that can meet the test of true bipartisanship and help so many of my fellow Americans.

Stay tuned....

ImageToday’s photo I wanted to share with you is from the Capitol, as they prepare the Lincoln catafalque for Justice Ginsburg’s casket in Statuary Hall. She will be the first woman to lie in state at the Capitol.

All the best,

Fred Upton

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