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@MyKitchenTable - May 27, 2020

@MyKitchenTable: Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Dear Friend:

Back in Washington today for votes this week, including on our bipartisan bill to improve the PPP, which should pass and extend the lifeline to our small businesses. More tomorrow.

ImageToday’s quote from Henry David Thoreau is for all of the recent 2020 graduates, like the one from Otsego in today’s KT photo: “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined."

An Otsego neighborhood held a socially distanced parade for all of the 2020 grads last week.  Great participation from the neighbors who planted signage in their yards and honked loudly as the Seniors rolled by. The second photo is from Lawton, where a Great Start Readiness Program preschooler worked on their exploding volcanoes experiment with their peers and teachers during their Google Meet classroom lesson. TY for sharing. If you’d like to submit a photo for us to use, click HERE.

A few items of note today:

  • HHS released a report called the “COVID-19 Strategic Testing Plan.” According to the report, a targeted testing strategy “based on diagnosis, contact tracing, and smart surveillance is the optimum approach – especially when combined with syndromic surveillance and hygiene.” The report can be read HERE.
  • ImageNIH published preliminary results from a clinical trial of remdesivir. The investigational antiviral remdesivir is superior to the standard of care for the treatment of COVID-19. The report notes that patients who received remdesivir had a shorter time to recovery than those who received placebo – the median time to recovery was 11 days for patients treated with remdesivir compared with 15 days for those who received placebo. Read more HERE
  • CDC updated the guidance for preventing the spread of COVID-19 in retirement communities and independent living facilities, which you can see HERE.
  • Project Air Bridge has completed 172 flights with an additional 54 scheduled for a total of 226 flights. FEMA, HHS, and the private sector combined have coordinated the delivery of 89.4M N95 respirators, 135.2M surgical masks, 15M face shields, 32.4M surgical gowns, and over 1B gloves. FEMA has procured and delivered 9.9M swabs so far in the month of May.
  • The Michigan Department of Treasury announced today that business taxpayers who have deferred paying their Sales, Use and Withholding (SUW) taxes due to the COVID-19 pandemic can now participate in an installment payment option to satisfy their outstanding tax balance. More info HERE.
  • Van Buren County has a list of sites where folks can donate and pick up face masks, which you can see HERE.

Stay safe and God bless,

Fred Upton

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