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Upton statement on voting for the resolution of disapproval

Washington, February 26, 2019 | Josh Paciorek (202-225-3761)

Congressman Fred Upton, R-St. Joseph, issued the following statement after voting for the resolution of disapproval to block President Donald Trump's emergency declaration.

“The Constitution makes it clear that the power of the purse – “spending” – be initiated by the Congress. Our founding fathers believed in the principles of checks and balances, and it is our responsibility as members of Congress to maintain that authority – no matter who is President. Strengthening our borders is an urgent necessity, but declaring a national emergency and reprogramming already appropriated funds without the approval of Congress is a violation of the Constitution. All of us took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution. In this particular case, it is in fact likely that a majority of both the House and Senate will vote to disapprove the emergency designation. I would encourage the House and Senate to work together to find an appropriate solution to secure our border within the bounds of the Constitution. This particular emergency declaration establishes an unfortunate precedent for the future.”

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