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End-of-the-Year Roundup: 7 Must Read Op-Eds

Self-driving cars, Michigan jobs, DACA, 21st Century Cures, tax reform and more highlighted

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Washington, December 21, 2017 | Lynn Turner/Tom Wilbur (202-225-3761/269-385-0039) | comments

U.S. Rep. Fred Upton, R-St. Joseph, today released a list of his top op-ed pieces published in 2017:

“Self-driving cars are the next frontier of innovation and safety” via The Hill with U.S. Senator Gary Peters, D-Michigan | February 8, 2017

Key excerpt: As the birthplace of the automotive industry, Michigan is a well-known home to innovative suppliers and manufacturers that make our cars and trucks safe, more efficient, and more affordable. But Michigan also has a dense nexus of engineering talent, automotive research and development centers, and universities that are developing cutting-edge vehicle innovations.

“Help is on the way in opioid epidemic fight” via the Herald Palladium | May 5, 2017

Key excerpt: The statistics are as startling as they are heartbreaking: The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates more than 33,000 Americans died from opioid abuse in 2015, including nearly 2,000 from Michigan…sadly, these numbers continue to surge. This is why I was so pleased when the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced last week the first round of grants to help states and territories combat this epidemic…here in Michigan we will be on the receiving end of more than $16 million in grant money. These federal funding grants were made available as part of our bipartisan 21st Century Cures Act that President Obama signed into law at the end of 2016. We fought hard to include this $1 billion in total funding to aid in this public health crisis. Now we’re delivering.

“FDA user fees support medicine and Michigan Jobs” via the Detroit News | August 25, 2017

Key excerpt: Beyond the public health benefits, this legislation is critical to thousands of jobs, particularly here in Michigan. We are home to medical device maker Stryker Corp., the generic drug maker side at Perrigo Co., Pfizer Inc.’s largest manufacturing site, and dozens of smaller biotech and manufacturing firms…folks at these firms have told me it is vital for this legislation to move forward to protect these local jobs as well as patients who will benefit from the new therapies the FDA helps get to market.

“In Harvey’s wake, energy security legislation needed now more than ever” via The Hill with Valerie Brader, Executive Director, Michigan Agency for Energy | September 6, 2017

Key excerpt: Infrastructure failures or successful cyberattacks could mean a devastating interruption of energy services that could cripple our economy. A grid disruption could mean gas stations with no power to fuel our vehicles, factories with no electricity to run machinery, or families with no way to charge cell phones so they can check on loved ones. That’s why it’s imperative we all work together – in Congress and at the state level – to make sure our energy infrastructure is reliable and resilient. We can start to assure the American people that this is a top priority of state and federal officials by passing the energy preparedness legislation that already has overwhelming support in the U.S. House.

“Michigan deserves tax reform” via the Detroit News with U.S. Reps. Tim Walberg, Bill Huizenga, John Moolenaar, Dave Trott, Mike Bishop, Jack Bergman and Paul Mitchell | October 14, 2017

Key excerpt: The last time our tax code was updated was 1986. Since then, it has become a complicated mess with too many special-interest loopholes. We have all heard countless stories from constituents impacted by a tax code that is outdated, unwieldy, and too often rewards special interests at the cost of regular folks. It has become abundantly clear that our outdated tax code is a major drag on our economy and on Michigan families struggling to get by.

 “Why a fix for DACA is imperative” via the Herald Palladium | December 4, 2017

Key excerpt: Let’s be clear: For these young men and women, the United States is their home. They speak English, they’ve been raised in our neighborhoods, attended our schools, served in our military, worked in our communities, and have clean criminal records…This is clearly an important issue. Lives hang in the balance. These aspiring Americans deserve to be treated with compassion and fairness.

“One year later – why 21st Century Cures still matters” via Roll Call with U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette, D-Colorado | December 12, 2017

Key excerpt: When we started the process of crafting 21st Century Cures – or Cures – four years ago, we began with one goal in mind: helping patients and their families. We were both inspired to act after hearing from folks in the research community as well as patients, families, and advocates who all told us about the need for modernization and more resources at the National Institutes of Health and the Food and Drug Administration so that the United States could remain the worldwide leader in medical innovation and find the next generation of medical cures and clues.

 See more op-eds from 2017 here.

Stay tuned for more end-of-the-year content from Upton’s office.  

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