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TRI-CITY RECORD: On Healthcare, Time to Listen to the American People

By Rep. Fred Upton -

Last Thursday morning, the U.S. Supreme Court received a bit more attention than usual as folks from across the country sat in anticipation of the Court’s ruling on the President’s controversial healthcare law.

While I certainly disagree with the Supreme Court’s opinion, it does not change the American people’s opinion that the law is unaffordable, unworkable, and still must be repealed. This law was controversial as it was being crafted and it has only grown more unpopular as its reach into individuals’ lives has grown, and threatens to expand further still.

For the past two years, House Republicans have undertaken the kind of careful scrutiny of this law that should have occurred long before it was enacted. With each layer of the law we peeled back, we found more evidence that Obamacare does not allow Americans who like their healthcare coverage to keep it. Instead, it is a law that would increase costs and taxes on individuals, states, and businesses, making it harder to grow our economy.  

The stakes could not be higher for states like Michigan, where spending is finally under control and jobs are being created after years of high unemployment – but the positive gains will be short lived if the costly mandates and taxes of Obamacare are allowed to kick in. 

I remain committed to reforming our nation’s healthcare system, and doing so without following the same failed path that brought us to this point of legal confusion, public opposition, and economic uncertainty. One of the mistakes of Obamacare was that it tried to fix every problem in the healthcare system with one massive new law crafted in Washington. And we ended up with an unpopular and unworkable law because its authors failed to listen to the American people and failed to address the most pressing challenge to our healthcare system in rising costs.  

As an issue that impacts every American, we can and must do better.  That begins with commonsense policies like tort reform, affording consumers the freedom to purchase insurance across state lines, and expanding Health Savings Accounts.  And above all, that means starting with a clean slate and listening to the American people.


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