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Community Project Funding Requests - Public Disclosures

Surface Transportation Reauthorizations and Community Project Funding Submissions

Project Name:
US 131 Extension
Project Location:  Kalamazoo, MI
Project Sponsor: MDOT
Requested Amount:  $14,745,600
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Project Name: Downtown Streetscape
Project Location:  231 Trowbridge Street Allegan, MI 49010.
Project Sponsor: City of Allegan
Requested Amount: $1,000,000
Project Description: The City of Allegan recently completed the development of a new vision for the downtown. Phase1 of this project, would help reconstruct of the main retail corridor (Brady Street and Locust Street) and replacement of all sewer mains, water mains, and lead service lines.
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Project Name: Free Public WI-FI
Project Location:  80 W. Main Street, Benton Harbor 49022
Project Sponsor: Cornerstone Alliance
Requested Amount: $200,000
Project Description: The Free Community Wi-Fi project seeks to introduce free internet services throughout the community of Benton Harbor, Michigan. This project will target the city's most densely populated residential areas. The project will identify locations throughout the community for the installation of necessary Wi-Fi apparatuses and internet services.
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Project Name: Southwest Michigan Advanced Research & Technology (SMART) Park
Project Location:  121 N. Disbrow, Cassopolis, MI 49031
Project Sponsor: Village of Cassopolis
Requested Amount: $1,000,000
Project Description: A total of 500 acres of property has been purchased in Penn Township and the Village of Cassopolis for the purpose of creating an economic engine to drive economic opportunity to the residents of Cassopolis and the surrounding area. The SMART Park is a collaborative effort between the Village of Cassopolis, Penn Township, and Midwest Energy and Communications (MEC) to transform vacant land adjacent to MEC's corporate headquarters into a world-class business and industrial park.
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Project Name: Kalamazoo Lead Service Pipe
Project Location:  241 West South Street, Kalamazoo, MI, 49001
Project Sponsor: City of Kalamazoo
Requested Amount: $1,000,000
Project Description: The City of Kalamazoo will implement a lead water service line replacement project in an area being referred to as “North Kalamazoo,” which includes the area north of Kalamazoo Avenue to the Kalamazoo Township line between Nichols Road and the Kalamazoo River. This project will benefit approximately 2,000 households and businesses in the City of Kalamazoo and Kalamazoo Charter Township.
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Project Name: Expansion of Clinical Services Offered by the Center for Better Health
Project Location:  1234 Napier Avenue, St. Joseph, MI 49085
Project Sponsor: Spectrum Health Lakeland
Requested Amount: $504,000
Project Description: This Community Project comprises capital improvements to accommodate the expansion of clinical services offered by the Center for Better Health - located in Benton Harbor, Michigan - to include urgently needed primary and cardiac care to a medically underserved community burdened by significant unmet health needs. The improvements will include the build out of clinical and office space, purchase of medical supplies and equipment, upgrading of technology and information systems, and will augment the Center’s existing services which include COVID-19 vaccinations, mental health care, health education and screening, social & legal navigation supports, and telehealth visits.
Signed Disclosure Form Available Here 

Project Name: Distance Learning Enhancements
Project Location:  62249 Shimmel Rd, Centreville, MI
Project Sponsor: Glen Oaks Community College
Requested Amount: $900,000
Project Description: Glen Oaks Community College (GOCC) will use grant funding to enhance its ability to implement safe, effective, and cost-efficient models of distance learning with an emphasis on dual enrollment students who have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19. This proposal will increase GOCC’s capacity to deliver hybrid and remote instruction to mitigate disease transmission while expanding the use of technology to reduce the cost of instructional delivery. This will include necessary IT infrastructure, equipment for use in synchronous/hybrid dual enrollment courses, and the purchase of video conferencing kits for all classrooms.
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Project Name:  STEM Workforce Collaboratory
Project Location:  1903 W Michigan Ave, Kalamazoo, MI 49008
Project Sponsor: Western Michigan University
Requested Amount: $1,500,000
Project Description: The United States and Michigan lack the critical college educated STEM workforce needed for economic growth and international competitiveness. The Western Michigan University (WMU) Workforce Collaboratory will provide replicable national models for STEM Postsecondary Education programs. Proven through rigorous evaluation, the program will offer cutting-edge approaches to diversify and expand STEM workforce pipelines. It will include efforts to increase the success of students transferring from community colleges and non-traditional students. Using insights from local STEM employers like Pfizer and Stryker, technologies in the targeted fields will be enhanced for hands-on experiences for undergraduate students.
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Project Name: Runway Extension
Project Location: 5235 Portage Rd. Kalamazoo, MI 49002
Project Sponsor: Kalamazoo/ Battle Creek International Airport
Requested Amount: $850,000
Project Description: The completed project will lengthen the runway by approximately 1,150-feet. The project also includes the realignment of an existing railway as well as reconfiguring taxiway intersections to bring the runway and taxiway system in line with current FAA standards.
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Project Name: Residents Implementing Our Plan – Collaborative (RIP-C)
Project Location:  612 N. Park Street, Kalamazoo MI 49007
Project Sponsor:  Northside Association for Community Development
Requested Amount: $1,000,000
Project Description: Northside Association for Community Development seeks funding to tie together investments to further develop several blocks in the Northside Cultural Business District. The project is shovel-ready; demolition, environmental studies, and architectural site plans are complete. NACD will construct four affordable single-family homes and six micro-apartments for youth struggling with housing insecurity. The NACD neighborhood-based training center will build an extension of its existing building to make space for a technology classroom/lab.
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Project Name: Asset, Limited, Income Constrained, and Employed (ALICE) Friendly Workplace Project
Project Location:  709 S Westnedge Ave, Kalamazoo, MI 49007
Project Sponsor: United Way of Battle Creek and Kalamazoo Region
Requested Amount: $50,000
Project Description: The purpose of the ALICE Friendly Workplace Project is to create workplaces for the ALICE population that are empathetic, equitable, and ultimately provide space for individuals to be able to step out of ALICE. Part of the project will be the development of an ALICE Friendly Workplace Toolkit that will guide employers to evaluate and change current policies that may be harming their employees. The toolkit will be informed by local data and research about ALICE in the region.
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